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A-Friends Cafe / Re: Black History
« Last post by A-FRIEND on April 16, 2014, 05:47 PM »
April 14 1864

“ … How much lower can a people descend in the scale of degradation; -- what can they do to cause us to hate them more thoroughly; and what can fix us more immovably in the resolve to live apart from them at all hazards and forever, than the doctrine of negro equality, even to the extent of intermarriage, which is coming into such widespread favor with the party who are wielding the power and shaping the destinies of the United States?”

Editorial, The Daily Virginian, Lynchburg, Va.

The confederate apologists today still insist on saying the civil war was not about slavery. They are liars and they know it. This is right out of the mouths of those confederates fighting the civil war.
A-Friends Cafe / Re: Black History
« Last post by A-FRIEND on April 16, 2014, 05:42 PM »

“Failure of Negro Colonization. The unadulterated Yankee is, par excellance, the friend of the negro. … he is loud in his protestations of friendship, and willingness to do and die for the political, material and social elevation of the negro. But what are the facts? When the poor, deluded creatures are seduced from their home where they are well cared for, by considerate masters, do they find their situation bettered in the land of their pseudo friends? Far from it … The miserable failure of the attempt to colonize large numbers of negroes on the Island of Hayti has been made known. The shameful business could not be kept secret.”

Editorial, The Daily Virginian, Lynchburg, Va. April 15, 1864.

Did you take notice of the language?  They're  delusional twist of facts is the poor deluded creatures, creatures denied every vestige of human dignity, denied power over their bodies, denied any forms of education all by design of the slavers, yet it is the slaver that says the slaves failed in being able to colonize. 
The slaves desire to be free from bondage was not of their own making, but they were seduced away from considerate masters. More delusion.
And to add to that delusion they ridicule and social evaluation of the Negro.

Go to any confederate apologist forum to this day and you will see the same delusions among those posters there. I defy anyone to prove me wrong.

A little trivia. You'll note the word Negro the 'N' is not chaptalized. Did you know that was just another way not to recognize black people as full humans? It wasn't until 1931 when The New York Times questioned if the 'N' should be capitalized.  After much heated debate among linguistic scholars, journalists, college professors, and other elites of the time it was decided to capitalize the letter 'N' in Negro.
A-Friends Cafe / Re: Black History
« Last post by A-FRIEND on April 16, 2014, 12:19 PM »
Hank Aaron got hate mail and death threats for breaking Babe Ruth's record. There where those that plotted to kill him for nothing more than being an excellent baseball player.
Now take a minute to really contemplate that. The racist stereotype is how lazy the black man is, lost to virtue or ambition, yet when a black man demonstrates excellence the same racists wants to kill him.

Just take a brief stroll through history and you'll plainly see the common thread is racist ill will against every accomplished black man.
For the just get over it crowd I wag an accusing finger right in your face with the outrageous behavior of the tea party and conservatives in general in they're treatment of an accomplished black man, our president and the attorney general in particular.

No I will not entertain any such nonsense about this doesn't happen. If any of you racist just get over it folks can read, then read this.
Ancient history?
A-Friends Cafe / Re: Black History
« Last post by A-FRIEND on April 10, 2014, 11:51 PM »
Education through truth. Of course the truth isn't very convenient to some people, but we deal in the truth here.
A-Friends Cafe / Re: Black History
« Last post by A-FRIEND on April 09, 2014, 08:09 PM »
Back in Egypt the Lamb's blood was pivotal to salvation. Hebrews 10:1 tells us that the Law was a shadow of the good things to come.’ The Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature, by M’Clintock and Strong, says: “No other shadow of good things to come contained in the law can vie with the festival of the Passover.” In particular did the Passover lamb have a meaning that extended beyond the ceremony memorializing how God saved the firstborn and then all the Hebrews out of Egypt.

Jesus, a Jew, kept the Passover. On the last occasion that he did so, he outlined the only divine celebration for Christians—the Lord’s Evening Meal, the memorial of Jesus’ death. So this Christian celebration is linked to the Passover.

Jesus ate that meal with his apostles, and then he instituted the Lord’s Evening Meal. (Luke 22:14, 15) That night he was arrested and tried. Jesus was impaled close to noon on Nisan 14, and that afternoon he died. (John 19:14) Thus, “Christ our passover was sacrificed” on the same day as the Passover lamb was slaughtered. (1 Cor. 5:7; 11:23; Matt. 26:2) As the end of that Jewish day approached, Jesus was buried—before the start of Nisan 15

Jesus had said: “I have greatly desired to eat this passover with you before I suffer.” (Luke 22:15) He thereafter outlined the Lord’s Evening Meal, which his followers were to keep as a memorial of his death. (Luke 22:19, 20) The Passover was held once a year. Hence, it is reasonable that the Lord’s Evening Meal be kept annually. When? Logically, in the spring at Passover time. That would mean when Nisan 14 (Jewish calendar) fell, rather than always holding to Friday because that was the weekday on which Jesus died.

So Nisan 14 would be the date Paul had in mind when he wrote: “As often as you eat this loaf and drink this cup, you keep proclaiming the death of the Lord, until he arrives.” (1 Corinthians 11:26) For the next two centuries, many Christians held to Nisan 14, they being known as Quartodecimans, from the Latin for “14Th.” M’Clintock and Strong report: “The churches of Asia Minor celebrated the death of the Lord on the day corresponding to the 14Th of the month Nisan, on which day, according to the opinion of the whole ancient Church, the crucifixion took place.”

The Jewish calender date of Nisan 14Th falls on Monday April 14 2014. On this date the Last Supper was held and even then none but Jesus knew he was about to shed his blood on behalf mankind so they may be redeemed from Adam's sin and gain salvation. It was Jesus himself that said we should keep this memorial of the evening of Nisan 14Th. In fact it's the only sanctioned observance on behalf of Jesus that's in the bible.

4/14/2014 is the day of the memorial of the events that redeemed mankind. Who did this for us and why?
John 17:3 says.....For this means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of You, the only true God, and the one you SENT FORTH (capitalization mine) Jesus Christ.
John 3:16...For God loved the world so much that He gave His only begotten Son in order that everyone exercising faith in Him would have everlasting life.

That's what God has done for us.

I hope I've been able to impart some insight into what God has done for us, underserving as we may be. These reminders are just part of the wonders and inspirations we learn on our way to taking in knowledge of God and the working out of his salvation. We can do this from time to time or start another forum dedicated to this topic If that is desired let me know.
I'll get back to history posts my next visit.
A-Friends Cafe / Re: Black History
« Last post by A-FRIEND on April 05, 2014, 10:10 AM »

Vitamin D is important to the body in many other ways as well. Muscles need it to move, for example, nerves need it to carry messages between the brain and every body part, and the immune system needs vitamin D to fight off invading bacteria and viruses. Together with calcium, vitamin D also helps protect older adults from osteoporosis. Vitamin D is found in cells throughout the body.

What are some effects of vitamin D on health?

Vitamin D is being studied for its possible connections to several diseases and medical problems, including diabetes, hypertension, and autoimmune conditions such as multiple sclerosis. Two of them discussed below are bone disorders and some types of cancer.

Bone disorders
 As they get older, millions of people (mostly women, but men too) develop, or are at risk of, osteoporosis, where bones become fragile and may fracture if one falls. It is one consequence of not getting enough calcium and vitamin D over the long term. Supplements of both vitamin D3 (at 700–800 IU/day) and calcium (500–1,200 mg/day) have been shown to reduce the risk of bone loss and fractures in elderly people aged 62–85 years. Men and women should talk with their health care providers about their needs for vitamin D (and calcium) as part of an overall plan to prevent or treat osteoporosis.

 Some studies suggest that vitamin D may protect against colon cancer and perhaps even cancers of the prostate and breast. But higher levels of vitamin D in the blood have also been linked to higher rates of pancreatic cancer. At this time, it's too early to say whether low vitamin D status increases cancer risk and whether higher levels protect or even increase risk in some people.

Where do we get the most of our vitamin D? We get it from a source that's 93,000,000 miles away. If you were to drive to that source of vitamin D at a speed of 100 MPH 24 hours a day, it would take you 100 years to get there. This source is just the right distance away to sustain life. Too far away and the planet would freeze, closer and the planet will vaporize.
The core of this source is 27,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit. If you could take a pin head size of this core and put it on earth you could not safely stand within 90 miles of it. Yet we depend on it everyday for our health and survival.

That's right, I'm talking about the sun. We all enjoy a bright sun shiny day. Along with it's aid in producing good health, it just plain feels good.
Ecclesiastes 11:7 says it best...."the light is also sweet and it is good for the eyes to see the sun.

Where did all this originate?
Psalms74:16... "To You the day belongs. Also to You the night belongs. You yourself prepared the luminary, even the sun."

That's what God has done for us lately.
Today / Re: Today
« Last post by A_Mourning_Glory on April 02, 2014, 10:32 PM »
oh my, it sounds like "when it rains, it pours" but it doesn't seem like you are throwing in the towel!  I don't have a lot to complain about at the moment, but I've learned not to say "couldn't happen to me" and to appreciate that my hard times most times falls short of what others are going through. 

I'd love to check out your Black History forum.  Be patient with me at the moment as my prior computer did a nose dive and I just received this new HP desktop a week ago.  There's so much to learn.  One of my friends assures me that once I conquer 8.1 I will be a happy camper.  I am stubborn and don't accept change blindly..... hardly! 

I thought about you after watching THE BUTLER last night.  While I know there was a lot of fabrication in the personal storyline and even some untrue details in the historical storyline, too, still I thought it was a good way to inform and/or remind many of what the blacks suffered and how far they have come.  I would have thought we might have had a female president before we had a black president.  What do I know?  lol   Now, it doesn't sound out of the question to have a black female president!  Anyway, I loved the movie, The Butler, despite its flaws and inconsistencies.  Seeing the movie has stirred a lot of memories and emotions for me.  Due to health reasons, my parents hired a black lady named Gladys to help care for me, my 2 older brothers and my newborn baby sister when I was 7.  My mom and dad kept her on to help with us and chores longer than intended because we loved her so much.  It bothers me that I can remember so much about her and things she did for/with us, but I have no memory whatsoever as to color.  My parents taught us to treat all people with respect and through the years all my friends, despite color/race/religion, were treated the same.  This could be part of the reason why seeing parts of the movie were like exposing raw nerves. 

Sorry to ramble.  Give me a little time to master this computer and do some reloading onto it, etc. and then I'll check in on your forum for sure.  It would be nice to find my muse hiding around a corner, lol.
Mystics Music Cafe / Re: What's On Your Playlist?
« Last post by A-FRIEND on April 02, 2014, 01:29 PM »
This saturday my wife and I will celebrate our 45th anniversary.  We took notice of this couple and thought this would be a good way to celebrate. Then I thought about my knee surgery and figured it's not a good idea right now, but wouldn't we all love to be able to have this kind of fun at their age?

Haiku, Limerick, Zen, Mookuka And Other Fun Poetry / Re: Haiku Of The Day
« Last post by A-FRIEND on April 01, 2014, 04:43 PM »
footprints in the snow
leading to the trapper's line
wild reality
Today / Re: Today
« Last post by A-FRIEND on April 01, 2014, 04:27 PM »
I've not been having a good time at all Cherrie. Still trying to get over surgery, cracked a tooth and waiting to get to an oral surgeon, just one thing after the other. But I'm looking at grass instead of roots, so I guess it ain't all bad.

I'm still doing my Black History forum though. I got a little spiritual the last few posts just as a reminder for us all how fortunate we are.
I'd love for you to come in and join me there, throw in some experience you may have had. I do a lot on women's history too. Who knows, you may even get your muse back. :poet
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