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Title: Black Aussie Poet
Post by: Halo on December 12, 2010, 01:09 PM
I've been wanting to  post some Aussie poetry in the Alley for some time.
This poem is by an indigenous writer, Samuel Wagan Watson. He's young, aboriginal
and I think his works have the ability to cross between cultures and speak to people of
any nation.

I'm interested to know what you think about bridging cultures through poetry, and also
the division of cultures through poetry...if ya understood that yer good  :tongue

This link ----> http://www.uqp.uq.edu.au/author_details.php?id=88 (http://www.uqp.uq.edu.au/author_details.php?id=88) gives a brief biography of the poet.

itinerant blue

it comes to that morning
when finally you realise: its all going to collapse

there is a conclusion thats yet to be seen
while loose ends are stacking high to a volatile degree

eyes peering through sun-kissed slits
at a landscape bathing in a varnish of itinerant blue
as if the sky has reminded the earth of loneliness
and the old days of communion

a dawn when gamblers get slapped into remission
and the ball starts rolling again with rogue impetus

time to move and abandon what is built
and may later bleed
after days and nights of bargaining into the mirrors subversion

as the only muse that serenades you
is a computer generated image

wishing to advise
                      you have limited credit to make this call


btw, Aussie spelling used here ;)