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Today / Re: Today
« Last post by daisyxo on Today at 08:36 AM »
Happy Saturday everybody!!  I've been doing something lately that I think is interesting.  Once a poem gets pushed down by new ones being added, they don't get the attention that they may still need.  To bring some of them back up without searching you can scroll to the bottom of the boards and click on the area of who's online.  Google and web spiders are constantly looking at posts, some new, some old.  Click on the link and have fun reading some of the older stuff.  I just read a poem that Merlin wrote back in 2008, with a long line of replies between Merlin and Bill.  Merlin is another of our great poets that walked the Alley with us.  He passed away many years ago, but he was wonderful.  Enjoy your day, and if you have some spare time share a poem or two, or read and comment.  You're always home at the Alley, no matter how long you've been gone. 
Daisy's Boutique / Re: For Mom
« Last post by daisyxo on Yesterday at 06:08 PM »
Oh yes, very true Halo.  My mom was a sweetheart, so anything she left behind is a blessing!
Genuine Alley Poetry and Prose / Re: Thesaurus
« Last post by daisyxo on Yesterday at 10:43 AM »
Thanks B ... it does feel good to write again.   For the first time in a very long time I'm feeling charged up and can't wait to get online to be here again.  I have another work in progress, and it's a structured one ... I'll post when I get the flow to actually "flow"
Haiku, Limerick, Zen, Mookuka And Other Fun Poetry / Re: Haiku Of The Day
« Last post by Halo on Yesterday at 08:21 AM »

clouds come and go
rolling by just like the day
so much to do

Daisy's Boutique / Re: For Mom
« Last post by Halo on Yesterday at 08:19 AM »

It's true, daisy, a little piece of our hearts goes with our loved ones, but a piece of theirs stays with us too.

love, B
Genuine Alley Poetry and Prose / Re: Thesaurus
« Last post by Halo on Yesterday at 08:14 AM »

Strewn on the page they were random and tangled -

This line jumped right out at me, love it and the whole piece!

daisy, fabulous to find you're writing again.  :coffee
Genuine Alley Poetry and Prose / Re: Mama
« Last post by daisyxo on August 16, 2018, 06:56 PM »
I know this was posted way back, and I did reply to it, but now in rereading I wish I had expressed more heartfelt sympathy.   Since my mom passed just a short time ago, I feel not only my own loss, but I see the emotions of others more.  I'm sorry Weave, hugssss.

... and Earl, hugs for you, too, so sorry that any of us have to face the harsh realities of life with the ones we love so dearly.
Genuine Alley Poetry and Prose / Re: Thesaurus
« Last post by daisyxo on August 16, 2018, 06:45 PM »
Hey Weave  :poet
I think my head (and my heart) just swelled a bit.  Being able to express the chaos in my head and have somebody else "get it" is quite an accomplishment ... many thanks, my friend!  I remember when you were writing like crazy, and everything was so good that I didn't want it to stop.  You still have it in you Weave, because I know your heart has a lot more to say! 
Genuine Alley Poetry and Prose / Re: Thesaurus
« Last post by Wordweaver on August 16, 2018, 01:08 PM »
Dear Daisy,  You always did  and always will write directly from your heart and I found
that heart to be made from the finest qualities offered.  I not only enjoyed your work
here but all the great times we shared together.  I am so happy to read your thoughts
again and the time and inspiration available to you now.  This takes me back to that time
when I could roll out poems like an assembly line and now I struggle and trash most of
what I do write which is not often.   Your words and friendship will always have a very
special place in my heart. I really enjoyed this because it rings a bell in me.


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