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Re: Black History
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For those that have read through this thread you’ll recall a write up about Lumpkin’s Jail.
It was in Richmond, Va and Robert Lumpkin was notorious in his cruelty to slaves.
One interesting part of that story was Lumpkin freed and married a slave.
I have been trying to find more information on that aspect of the write.
I finally found it!!!!

~~ Lumpkin bought a light-skinned slave girl named Mary at age twelve. She bore five children by him and at some time they married. He sent his even lighter-skinned daughters to fine schools; ensuring they got the best education available. All while he maintained a “whipping room” where slaves laid on the floor, bound at their ankles and wrists, and were beaten; sometimes until dead. I give Lumpkin no credit for his slave wife. He ran with a crew of other slavers who also married their slaves who bore them children. Before the Civil War ended, Lumpkin sent Mary and their children to Pennsylvania where they couldn’t be sold back into slavery to pay his debts. When Lumpkin died, she inherited his land which she ultimately sold to a Baptist minister, Nathaniel Colver, looking to establish an all-Black seminary. That site later became Virginia Union University.~~
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