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Someday, in a while of time

Within the loss of a mile's walk

Which brings you to the back shelf

Where lie, forgotten, the dusty boxes

Of forgotten dreams

A distant face will peer out and smile at you.


Someday, in this slow darkness

In an age of a distant dance of time

In wandered trance of musing spring-clean

Springs to mind a sad torn unfocused memory

A forgotten image

Which, cleared from dust, is recollected and you see me.


Someday, in a heartbeat's skip

Meander is brought to a sudden reality

And, there, fondness of mind dwells on the pain

Of losing a love, once, in an age of misting lifetimes.

But I was always there

Waiting on the dusty shelf, in the memory of your mind.


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great great work. really love the ending. You obviously have some passion towards someone it shows in your work

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BUMPING this one from deep down in the alley  :kool

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