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« on: April 15, 2015, 11:48 AM »
If I become emptiness, my mind, my consciousness, it is nothing. This consciousness is not the same as ten years ago, nor indeed, the same as even a moment ago. Yet I am. This consciousness is ever changing – not a thing. So, then, where is I?

A fish has the consciousness of a fish, unique to itself. I have this consciousness and no one before has had my unique consciousness. Where is rebirth? Consciousness changes. If reborn a fish, I am a fish. Not this consciousness, but a fish. Consciousness changes. Action and reaction. A mandala painted on wet sand. All is transitory. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed - simply reformed. Nothing is transferred, yet this process continues.

What is dead and what is alive? Plants and animals eat, breathe, and think. Has a stone consciousness? Is it conscious? If consciousness is energy, all form is, not has, consciousness. If we all are –

Are things No thing and Some thing? Waves on the ocean are separate but the same. When the wave subsides it doesn’t disappear, cease to exist – yet does. It is no longer wave, but ocean, which is what it was in the beginning. Is this not Death, the cessation of separateness to then become joined with the whole? No thing becomes Some thing.

I was not born,
will not die
for I am
No Thing –
but please,
do not step on my
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