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like angels


Let's condensate,and sink in unison
towards a blue whitening sky
infusing these condensing
white gleaming layers
in our never-ending journey
and feel the wind
narrating the ancient secrets
and as we close our eyes
we descend like angels..

tarkanus, I'm getting a vision of someone who is having a very bad day. Oft times I feel that way when I take note of the collectives we face in today's attitudes.

dear friend,
It's just a short story of two valuable spirits joined hands together on a flight holding hopes and longings..
THX for passing by.

You just reminded us of the beauty of poetry tarkanus.  Words have so many meanings depending on the prisms we are looking through.
You were speaking of hope and longings and I saw a perfect description of collective negatives.

In my mind it's good write that has so many different meanings. 

i can see friend you are one of those who love to define poetry,not like those who imagine it and claims that they knew it.
Thanks for the clarity of the words that colored again my words.


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