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Fall 2012 IBPC judge: Polina Barskova!
« on: August 07, 2012, 08:08 PM »

I am very pleased to announce that the IBPC judge for October, November, and December 2012, is Polina Barskova. She is called either one of, or the best Russian poet under 40 years of age. In her homeland, she was a child poet prodigy, her works published in journals from age 9, and her first collection released at 15. She was born in Leningrad, now as before St. Petersburg, and lives in Massachusettes, where she is assistant professor of Russian literature at Hampshire College. Two of her poetry collections have been translated into English, The Zoo in Winter, and This Lamentable City. Here they are at Barnes and Noble: Polina Barskova. Let's begin the webography with more biography followed by an interview. The poems are in alphabetical order, beginning with The 51M, which will have you wanting more.


Hampshire College: The Continuing Relevance of Great Russian Literature

Bates International Poetry Festival: About Polina Barskova

Bates International Poetry Festival: Polina Barskova Introduction

Hampshire College: Polina Barskova


Molossus: A Conversation with Polina Barskova

Essays about Polina:

Russia Beyond the Headlines: Is poetry always Lost in Translation?

The Best American Poetry: Longing for the Far Away: Russian Poets Read in Tribeca by Madge McKeithen

The The: What’s Astonishing: Polina Barskova’s The Zoo in Winter and Austin LaGrone’s Oyster Perpetual

In The Next Room: The Zoo in Winter by Polina Barskova

Essay by Polina:

KinoKultura: As If from a Lost Culture: Musings on Vladimir Bortko’s Master and Margarita (2005)


Modern Poetry in Translation: The 51M

Cardinal Points: Ariel’s Message

Bates International Poetry Festival: Battle

Bates International Poetry Festival: Blitz: A Short Trip around London with Artist N

Tupelo Press: Conjunction And

issuu: conjunction and

InTranslation: During the Fire of Moscow (see below: Manuscript Found by Natasha Rostova During the Fire)

Tupelo Press: Evening In Tsaskoe Selo

Cardinal Points: Farewell to the Ghost

InTranslation: From Mad Vatslav’s Diary

issuu: Hamlet as International Student

issuu: The Magi

Tumblr: Manuscript Found by Natasha Rostova During the Fire

Ekphora: Motherhood and Childhood: Another reflection from Prague, by the grave of Nabokov’s mother

Bates International Poetry Festival: A Nameless Love

Jacket: Hampshire Archive. Personalia

issuu: Physiological sketch

Modern Poetry in Translation: The Poet has passed away

Modern Poetry in Translation: Prayer II

Cardinal Points: Scene

Guernica: A Still Life

InTranslation: Summer Physiological Essay: Wanderers

Bates International Poetry Festival: Temporary Death.  Two Rhythmical Exercises

Poem of the Week: To A. K.

Stephen Spender Trust: Tomatoes and Sunflowers

The Main Street Museum: War

Molossus: When someone dies…


The Battle

Bates International Poetry Festival: Polina Barskova Festival Readings


Recording Session with Polina Barskova and Ilya Kaminsky (February 20, 2009)