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Fourth Factory
« on: May 31, 2012, 05:20 PM »
Fourth Factory Poetry Workshop

If you’d like detailed feedback, this is the place to post your poem. Anyone is free to crit and be critted here, but if you’re posting for criticism you can expect a commitment from me.

What you can expect from me for every and any poem you post here

1.   my sense of what is and isn’t working in the poem
2.   line-by-line suggestions (most of the time)
3.   overall reflection on your poetic style
4.   whatever I have to offer in terms of helping your poem become what it wants to be
5.   brainstorming with you about revision or expansion, if called for
6.   occasional interpretation

What I expect from you for every poem you post here:

1.   reciprocity: not necessarily equal energy--I'm not stingy. But if you’re posting two or three poems for detailed feedback from me, I expect detailed feedback from you for at least one of my own poems.
2.   in other words: no critical mooching.

My goal in critting your poem isn’t to arrive at a personal or stylistic judgment about its merits, but rather to meet the poem on its own terms and offer whatever I can to help it grow, regardless of starting place. If you revise and want further feedback, I commit to seeing it through however many revisions you want to take it through.

Likewise, the most helpful thing you can offer me is your honest sense of what is and isn’t working in a poem. Where are the weaknesses to cut, and where are the strengths to build on.

Thanks and happy critting,




I speak in a voice grown hoarse from silence and feuilletons. I’ll begin with a piece that has been lying around for a long time.

The way you assemble a film by attaching to the beginning either a piece of exposed negative or a strip from another film.

I am attaching a piece of theoretical work. The way a soldier crossing a stream holds his rifle high. ...more

                                                            -Viktor Shklovsky, from Third Factory