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Earth Day



Earth Day is this Sunday, Saturday if you live down under  *hehe*

                                                        write me a earthly poem

                                                                  :rose :apple

Where would we be without EARTH-
Perhaps on Pluto orbiting beyond Neptune
Its perpetual darkness keeping us blind

Or glowing in the gases of Saturn
as we skate on Saturn's rings  (Thanks Sunny!"Skating on Saturn's Rings" is a title of one of her poetry books)

Imagine red-dusted Martian lovers
admiring the moons Phobos and Deimos
while perched atop Olympus Mons

Or perhaps Venus, earth's sister planet
would have us breathing IN carbon dioxide
instead of oxygen

Since one year on Uranus
equals 84.01 Earth years,
we only get one birthday party

Because Mercury is close to the sun,
asbestos suits would fill our closets.
Do they make them in purple?

After considering the options
It occurs to me that
Earth rocks!

The Earth

You can dig it

it holds you steady to see the stars

feeds you atop a picnic blanket

wiggles out earthworms to keep your toes company

earth, love it, leave it, enjoy it


you can dig it

defiled by man
torn by war
over worked
over mined
over cropped
nuked by the devious
ravaged by the greedy
our beautiful earth
reels under the onslaught
yet stands justifiably bejeweled


down under wonder girl :tongue


little green and blue planet
a molecule in the scheme of
things. and me just a spec

you spin and spin
no place to go
but 'round and 'round

give me a drink
fill my belly
we'll celebrate
this is your day
and I'm your steward.



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