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four from e e cummings
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philip whalen, "complaint: to the muse"
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Complaint: To the Muse

You do understand I've waited long enough
There's nobody else that interests me more than a minute
I've got no more ambition to shop around for poems or love
Come Back!
               or at least answer your telephone
I'm nowhere without you

    This is the greatest possible drag
    Slower than the speed of light or always
    A little less than critical mass

    The energy the steam the poop is here
    Everything is (by Nature) Energy, I myself
    A natural thing & certainly massive enough

    A block of lead (the end of all radiation)
    I don't even reflect much daylight, not to speak of
                            glowing in the dark
    I'll never get it off the ground

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Inger Christensen, "I, Up they soar"
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"I, Up they soar   "
by Inger Christensen   
translated by Susanna Nied


Up they soar, the planet's butterflies,
pigments from the warm body of the earth,
cinnabar, ochre, phosphor yellow, gold
a swarm of basic elements aloft.

Is this flickering of wings only a shoal
of light particles, a quirk of perception?
Is it the dreamed summer hour of my childhood
shattered as by lightning lost in time?

No, this is the angel of light, who can paint
himself as dark mnemosyne Apollo,
as copper, hawkmoth, swallowtail.

I see them with my blurred understanding
as feathers in the coverlet of haze
in Brajcino Valley's noon-hot air.

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Re: interesting poems
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so what
George McKim
from elimae may/june 2012

smoke that gazes into
yellow as darkness

what should i pray for, my
starved poems? (their

          floating across the secret river)

          but now i'm sick and

          so what if my hands
          are filled with voices

          so what?