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This is Not a Title (after Magritte)

The breeze,
a bite of strawberry,
your face
a new sun.

140 <--Not a title. A word count (Go ahead, count 'em...I dare ya.)

open your eyes,
stare into the abyss;
slim chances on a razors edge...
go on take the plunge

the Good Life passes by -

Eternity blinks
and Purgatory waits
with open arms.

No. Ya gotta count ALL the characters. Punctuation included. :tongue


  i counted 160 maybe 161 ..you have to count the spaces too


i want to
slide my naked hand
over your silky skin

feel your warmth
and the rhythm of your heart


Where did America go
many talk
love peace compassion
but don't do the walk
just talk
blah blah
Where did America go



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