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What is Micropoetry? Micropoetry not really Haiku or Tanka, nor does it fit the structure of minimal poetry. Its becoming very popular in our micro world we live. Its a lot of fun and and a great creative stimuli

Its usually done in about 140 characters or less, or about 20 words. Well we currently dont count characters in a post ..so if you go over a few no problem but do your best to keep it close to the 140, after all thats its purpose and as its name implies - Micropoetry

Also this is a reply only foum. Please do not start a new topic, just click "Reply" and write your micropoem, then post. Title is always Micropoetry.

Happy MicroFun


Here's an attempt at an example

cleansing rain
     dancing rain
naked rain
rain rain rain on me

Another example

love can not be petitioned
love can not be found
love finds you


on the tip of my tongue
your favorite song


  some say life is but a dream
soon the master mind
will awaken


     i touch you
       i breath deep
     i want you
       i sigh sadly
     you are gone



     satellite of love
     fall on my hungry heart please
     i need her tonight

     ( live satellite tracking http://www.n2yo.com/?s=21701 )



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