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April 2011 IBPC Submissions
« on: April 07, 2011, 08:01 AM »
April 2011 IBPC Poem Submissions
Interboard Poetry Competition

Please post your submission for the IBPC (Interboard Poetry Community) Competition. The IBPC is an international monthly poetry competition between many poetry boards/forums around the world. Submissions will be accepted until April 30 at 8 p.m. est

By submitting your poem here, you give your consent to follow all IBPC rules.

When entering be sure to check out the current judge Here to get a feel for the type of poems they like. It will help you to create this month's poem. About every 3 months the judges change. They are usually publishers and editors of literature magazines on and off line.

Limit One Poem Per Poet.

IBPC competition regulations allow the submission of only one poem per poet, per monthly competition. This means that if you have entered a poem elsewhere, you may not enter it, or a different poem, here.  It causes confusion, extra work for the judges, and can delay the winning announcement.

Why don't you submit your poem in the Poetic AX for a little tweaking and polishing?

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Re: April 2011 IBPC Submissions
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hey now

cryptic scrawls
on low income
neighborhood block walls
pissing words
marking a claim
but the marker's too afraid
to write his name

hey now
what the hell
just as well
probably can't spell anyway

pulls the gun
just in fun
(checked the clip
not a bullet in sight)
waves the barrel
pulls the trigger
wakes up the chambered round
too late to change its flight

hey now
what the hell
just as well
one less mouth to feed

pump that rump
bounce and jiggle
make it all wiggle
you go girl
'til the night
you have to hurl
every hour on the hour
love leaves a sour
taste in the mouth

hey now
what the hell
just as well
drop out of school
pick up the check

who's afraid
of the big bad man
flash some cash
buy a blind eye
ain't no reason to duck and run
what's that son?
what 'd you say?

hey now
what the hell
just as well
you can't beat 'em
might as well join 'em

down on the corner
back in the alley
inside the crack house
visiting the whore house
guard inside the drop house
hanging at the gang's lair
doesn't matter where

hey now
what the hell
just as well
to be there

Bill Smith


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Re: April 2011 IBPC Submissions
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