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Butterflies and Daisies

A patch in the field chock-full of daisies
this place, a favorite, where I slipped off to dream
twirling and giggling all alone I would dance
pretending that I was as free as a butterfly
silently flitting from here to there, admiring the flowers
and I would spin until the ground spun out of control.

Stumbling until my legs I could no longer control
sprawled on my back surrounded by daisies
thinking they were the prettiest of all the flowers
in my dizziness I slipped into a wondrous dream
wings and antenna were part of me; I was a butterfly
swirling and twirling I would fly around and dance.

There are those who insist that butterflies don't dance
and will suggest that my imagination is out of control
but my mind still drifts back when I see a butterfly
to my childhood days and that field chock-full of daisies
reminiscing of the times when I went there to dream
and carried home to Mother, a bouquet of flowers.

The air was filled with the sweet aroma of flowers
wind, warm and soft, made them sway and dance
once again falling into the trance of my dream
leaving adulthood behind, relinquishing control
from flower to flower in my field of daisies
I spread my arms, twirling, flying like a butterfly.

I told my Mother all about the butterfly
while she searched for a vase for her flowers
then she'd arrange my bouquet of daisies
and smile and laugh when I showed her the dance
even though I knew she would maintain control
her eyes said, "Let me loose, once again to dream."

One day she told me of her childhood dream
to my surprise she too, held in awe the butterfly
this time relinquishing all her control
stories spilled out about her fields of flowers
and how she had spent hours perfecting the dance
for that moment we were surrounded by daisies.

A child's gift of daisies are a dream to cherish
twirling together you dance as the butterfly flies
spread your arms, let loose, relinquish control.

Butterfly's Song

dance to the silence, dance to the beat
dance to the music you feel in your feet

sway with the wind, sway all night long
sway to the ryhthm of the butterfly's song

release inhibitions, release them all
release the burdens that hold up the walls

let peace fill your spirit, let peace fill your mind
let peace free the ones who seek to find

the wings of love, the wings of light
the wings of a butterfly, released in flight

Butterfly Souls

The task assigned to this angel of light,
protect the butterflies, encase them in flight.
Without hesitation - no questions asked,
she held them softly, in their glow she basked.

Together they drifted, silent were their wings,
tiny creatures from heaven, wondrous beings.
More alike than she knew, she was beginning to see
both were gifts from God, and those gifts were free.

The angel of light found comfort and calm
as she watched them fluttering upon her palms -
fragile yet determined with a purpose so clear,
then peace from within, overshadowed her fear.

It was then she realized her purpose on earth,
to help others find peace, to understand their worth.
The internal struggles of fear and disgrace
encased in His light, will be easier to face.

Butterfly souls and their wings in flight
gliding through life with the angel of light
sent to catch our attention, every now and then
to remind us of peace, and that it lives within.

~ Marsha ~

"Abilities wither under faultfinding, blossom with encouragement." -- Donald A. Laird