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East Coast Sky
« on: June 18, 2008, 01:13 PM »
Living on the East Coast has its advantages.  Each morning on my way to work I am greeted with an enlightening show.  No, it's not the lady with her face pressed up against her rear view mirror applying makeup while driving with one eye shut and mouth open.  It also isn't the guy who is driving at least 20 mph over the speed limit trying to read the Palm Beach Post and drinking coffee at the same time in a school zone. Those things actually scare me!  I'm enlightened each morning with the presence of God extending his hands as he gently pushes the clouds aside allowing the sun to break through, bringing life into focus as the earth awakens to a new day.

Shadows sweep over the water
rainbow hues decorate the sky
sunbeams bursting through the clouds
the sight of it makes me sigh.

The heavens have opened up their arms
and stretched them down to me
their beauty to behold is endless
as far as the eyes can see.

God gives us the gift of sunbeams
and while holding them in His hand
He adds a dash of love and faith
then sprinkles them over the land.

Perhaps these rays of sunlight
as they shine down upon the shore
are placed just barely out of reach
to keep us reaching for more.

The East Coast sky is like a photograph developing right before my eyes.  The softest pink that you can imagine - the palest blue layered above - lavender blended so subtle that it's hard to determine where it starts and where it ends.  Clouds drift silently, so calm, changing shapes that bring your imagination to life.  As if by magic a circus appears lasting until the wind gently blows and the parade of elephants, tigers, seals, and clowns drifts along for somebody else to see.

A circus travels through my town
several times a week
and dragons chase each other
while they're playing hide and seek.

Puffs of clouds changing shape
right before my eyes
look and see what you can find
you might just be surprised.

A lion or an elephant
sometimes I see a whale
once in a while I even see
a puppy chasing his tail.

Angels floating on the clouds
smiling down at me
then all it takes is a little wind
and new shapes have formed to see.

I hope it doesn't rain this week
that really makes me frown
cloudy days are best of all
because the circus comes to town!

One last view of the pastels and it makes me wonder if the colors for newborns were chosen because they are the colors closest to God in the morning sunrise.  Then the bright yellow beams burst forth.  Lithographs of lacy scallops outline the clouds.  Perhaps angels are spreading their wings to welcome the morning sun and the beams that shine so brightly are being sifted through their feathers.  Another photographic slide show leaves me in awe as I catch a glimpse of the enormous orange ball that radiates warmth.  Clouds begin drifting again and it seems as if they stood motionless for the show as the sun made its first full appearance of the day.  The layers of pastels are gone and the sky becomes a mirror of the ocean beneath it.  A pool of blue with the clouds changing shape as the whitecaps would roll on the tips of the waves.  Mountains and castles, floating islands and ships - become whales and fish and mermaids, and the ocean comes to life high in the sky.  Wind blowing harder and you are moving, swirling with the clouds.  I wish I could reach up with my finger and swirl them around to see the ripples form rings around the center.  Watching them regroup into new shapes before the wind carries them away - forming more shapes for the possibility that others may also be enlightened.

My body is the cloud
stretched out
in a pool of blue sky
your fingertips
are the rays of the sun
reaching out
stretching to caress
every inch of my body
with your heat
your longing, desire
caress my skin and mold me
invite the breeze to cool
so that I may continue
to be reheated
by your fingertips
while I swim
in the pool of blue
and become lost
in the rays of the sun.

There are days, of course, when the pastels turn to shades of gray.  Dark clouds can bring loneliness, visions of the past, feelings of doom as the ominous clouds hang low overhead.  Those are the days that I look deeper into the clouds to see the layers and the shades of a color that most toss aside.  The panoramic arrays of clouds become mountains with valleys.  Within the shadows you'll find a hint of pink and at times you can't determine where lavender ends and where the gray, charcoal, and black actually begin.

I heard the sweet laughter of children
and watched while they romped and played,
they pumped for their swings to go higher
unaware of the sky turning gray.

The clouds had covered the sunshine
but the children didn't seem to care,
they continued to slide and run and jump
with the wind blowing through their hair.

A ray of sunshine broke through the clouds
and brought about some childhood reflections,
the fluffy pillows floating through the sky
had become cotton candy confections.

I remembered as a child that I watched the sky
and had wished that I had some wings,
because then I could fly up into the clouds
and share the thrones of queens and kings.

Then one of the children began to beckon
for the others to look up to the sky,
he shouted, "hey look, I see a dog"
another said, "cool, we can play, I spy."

I felt their excitement as they played their game
and I just had to take one more look,
I spied a coach being pulled by horses
just like characters spilled forth from a book.

It was getting late and it was time to leave
the children waved to each other, good bye,
I heard one say she'd be back tomorrow
to play more of, I spy in the sky.

The desire to be alone had long since faded
all the way home I know that I smiled
for there's no better place to spend some time
than in the heart and the eyes of a child.

The sun completely hidden from view - lightning flashes, the sky rumbles, darkness envelopes you - and I wish I could watch the storm's approach while sitting on my couch in my comfy living room.    Frame after frame, the viewmaster viewer clicks.  Streaks of lightning that appear to shake the earth - stretching from the clouds at the entrance to heaven's door, all the way to the ground.  The rain begins - taking me back to thoughts of  Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Floyd - remembering the wrath of Mother Nature as the storms made their debut in South Florida many years ago.

The wind is coming
with dark clouds and rain
trees dance against the sky
lightning bounces as if set to music
beautiful, yet so dreary.

Mother Nature pounds her fury
waves bash against the shore
sand is churning within the sea
leaving the beach as we know it
only in our memories.

People scurrying here and there
worried about family and friends
images flashing through our minds
wondering how all will fare
waiting for it all to end.

Dark clouds masking the daylight
rain smacks against the panes
flickering candles our only light
trying not to show how much
my nerves are on edge.

We're frozen in time as we sit and wait
not much that we can do
Mother Nature will do her deed
leaving us to pick up the pieces
and start fresh tomorrow.

The storm moves on without a care
for the devastation it left behind
emerging from within our shelters
a mixture of smiles and tears
happy to find each other.

I've seen this all within my mind
as the storm begins it's approach
knowing how bad that it can be
yet not knowing what will really happen
I can only speculate.

Stopping for a moment to say a prayer
to ask God for consideration
hoping that no lives will be lost
while Mother Nature reminds us
that this earth is just on loan.

A stormy sky can be as awesome as a morning sunrise.  Lightning presents you with a laser light show, and the clouds even in their darkness are a kaleidoscope of color - gray becomes purple, then purple turns black and you can't tell where it starts and where it ends. Of course if lightning is around - I suggest that you don't leave yourself vulnerable to the possibility of becoming an antenna!…but, do you run and hide?…or do you extend your arms and twirl around, soaring with the clouds as the rain kisses your cheeks and brings a smile when you imagine how a tree, or a plant, or a flower feels as the moisture from the rain or early morning dew soaks into their skin?

Dew drops beading on petals of blue
preserving their beauty still fresh and new
frilly, soft and light as a feather
nature's brilliance withstands the weather.

Beaming by day with the light of the sun
folding at dusk when the day is done
they'll rest and recover all through the night
not to bloom again until dawn’s break of light.

In the early morning while the moon still shines
the flowers awaken and begin to unwind
drops of dew fall upon their face
toils of the previous day to erase.

Romantic and fresh, so alive and new
the beauty of the flower God sends to you
colors so vibrant they'll bring out your sighs
remembering them even as you close your eyes.

When the sun returns the wind will softly move the clouds into new shapes.  The world comes to life refreshed - a gift from God - sent to us each morning without asking - and all of this continues to amaze me day after day.  A kaleidoscope and photograph of vibrant colors developing right before our eyes - to envision time after time - to recall on demand within our mind – and all we have to do to receive this daily gift - is open our eyes to the East Coast sky.

~ Marsha ~

"Abilities wither under faultfinding, blossom with encouragement." -- Donald A. Laird