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For the Young at Heart
« on: June 14, 2008, 01:33 PM »
The poems you're about to read are definitely oldies .... I wrote them years ago.  They are cliche', they're not in the best of format, some are attempts at writing a specific style - notice I said attempts.  Would I change them today - a few of them maybe, some of them - no way.  They are stepping stones to where I am now, and each stone was very special to me at the time.  Many of these poems were written to reflect a picture, a few of them are from personal experience - they are all young at heart.  Either way, I shared most of them a long time ago when Splash first opened - when we used to scroll our poems in VP, and I suppose I'll keep them as long as I'm breathing.  I just hope you'll read them, and possibly glance back to a simpler time ... let them stir some memories and thoughts - and don't be too critical on me for the form and cliche's.  Enjoy!

Best of Friends

By the water come and see
this funny face staring back at me
ripples formed from finger swirls
imagining hair without their curls.

Wishing they were birds that fly
gliding through the clouds up high
they travel off to faraway lands
secrets shared of future plans.

Dreams and games made up for fun
reflections dancing in the sun
singing songs and nursery rhymes
reflecting back on all the times.

In the water look and see
tomorrow's future, you and me
growing together like sand to pearls
best of friends these two young girls.


Some Day I'll Come Back...

If there is such a thing as reincarnation
and we could pick what we'd like to be
I'd come back to earth so big and tall
I'd come back to earth as a tree.

Not a little one that bends and gets crooked
when the wind and storms come through
I want to be big with lots of branches
and leaves to help catch the dew.

My branches would stretch way up to the sky
green leaves would help shade the sun
birds would make their nests in me
and kids would climb me for fun.

In school they taught me that trees are good
they put oxygen back in the air
hope it doesn't make the wind blow hard
and leave my tree looking sad and bare.

Looks like it'd be fun to stand all day
holding my arms out and pretending to be
yep, some day I'll come back so big and tall
some day I'll come back as a tree.



The oooo's and ahhhh's were all I could hear
each time the plane flipped the crowd would cheer
the man on the loudspeaker said there's nothing to fear
but I would cover my eyes and whisper, oh dear.

More loop-de-loops then the plane began to fall
next thing I knew I heard the engine stall
silently tumbling in a free-for-all
the crowd gasped but they were having a ball.

The plane was getting closer to the ground
I held my breath and my heart began to pound
then suddenly I heard an encouraging sound
sputters and whirring as the engine came around.

Pulling up at the last minute the plane began to soar
more loop-de-loops and cheers galore
the experienced pilot left the crowd wanting more
each flip and dip he knew would make them roar.

A day at the air show was so much fun
planes doing tricks through the clouds and sun
we'd all have sore necks when the day was done
but the quality of entertainment was second to none.


Hope It Doesn't Rain

A circus travels through my town
several times a week
and dragons chase each other
while they're playing hide and seek.

Puffs of clouds changing shape
right before my eyes
look and see what you can find
you might just be surprised.

A lion or an elephant
sometimes I see a whale
once in a while I even see
a puppy chasing his tail.

I really like to be outside
each day is a brand new show
or going some place in our car
they're everywhere we go.

Angels floating on the clouds
smiling down at me
then all it takes is a little wind
and new shapes have formed to see.

I hope it doesn't rain this week
that really makes me frown
cloudy days are the best of all
because the circus comes to town!


'maginary Friend

I have a best friend who follows me
he sleeps with me every night
always wants to run and play
and never tries to get me to fight.

Mommy says my friend's not real
and that I made the whole thing up
I guess she just hasn't noticed
how close I am to my pup.

I'll even share my ice cream
and he can help me dig at the beach
'cause when I need a hug real bad
he's always there in reach.

He doesn't run and tell on me
everytime I do sumptn' bad
and if I have time out in the corner
he lays with me and looks all sad.

Mommy says my 'magination
should dis-tappear up into the fog
wonder when I should tell her
my 'maginary friend is really my dog?


A monkey tossed a banana peel
it landed just beneath my heel
I flipped in the air
fell on my derriere
while he laughed and enjoyed his meal.


Moon Pixie

A pixie with cowboys, stuffed tigers and clowns
with dolls and bears to erase all the frowns
on a cotton ball cloud sailing a tangerine moon
ensuring the little ones rest safe in their room.

Through shades on the window a shining light
stardust from the sandman as eyelids close tight
moonbeams filtering into their dreams
giving comfort so night isn't as bad as it seems.

Sleep comes with teddy in a loving embrace
surrounded by love it shows on their face
with blankets and quilts pulled up to their chins
content and peacefully all tucked in.

From her tangarine moon she peeks down below
upon innocence as pure as new fallen snow
on watch through the night the babies will sleep
while the moon pixie prays for their souls to keep.


Mother Approved

I began to crochet my works of art
at the very young age of 10
mother spent hours teaching me
she had so much patience back then.

Small but determined my fingers would move
the needle twisting and weaving the thread
holding it loose as it slid through my hand
just trying to keep count in my head.

The pattern developed right before my eyes
and I remember how lacey it seemed
a silky white web was coming to life
mother's approval was evident, she beamed.

Outside my window clung a spider's web
and I imagined her with needle and thread
chain 5, slip stitch, single, then turn
was she trying to keep count in her head?

All that I knew as I watched in awe
was that two doilies were made that day
one would sit on our living room table
the other in the wind would sway.

Instinct may tell the spiders to weave
but mother's love was instinctive, too
her patience matched the craft of the spider   
spinning her web in the morning dew.

Looking back I see that my stitches weren't perfect
over the years they've certainly improved
but I beamed with pride as my daughter learned
her lacy web always mother approved.


Nice Day for a Nap

A nap will be perfect right under this tree
let's see what forty z's will do for me

Pulling my hat down over my eyes
to filter the light from the sunny skies

Soon dreams will be creeping into my brain
I can snooze all day, doesn't look like rain

The leaves and branches providing shade
getting sleepy, eyes closing, starting to fade

Oh no, this vision isn't what I had in mind
the tree came to life and I'm now in a bind

Branches are arms and the leaves have a face
can't wake up to run because I'm rooted in place

All I wanted to do was take a nice nap
now I have dirt all over me mixed with sap.

Next time I think I'll just keep on walking
I'm out of here if this tree starts talking.


The Prince

The prince is coming
I can see his crown,
it's gleaming in the sunlight
he's riding into town.

The prince is coming
my lady must be ready,
it's definitely time
for you to take a steady.

The prince is coming
he's almost here,
his shoulders so square
his face so sincere.

The prince is coming
hear the knock on the door,
your wait is now over
he's yours forever more.

The prince is coming
to be by your side,
my lady, where are you
this is no time to hide!


Reflections of a Child

I thought that I needed to be by myself
so I drove to my favorite place,
I noticed the squirrels run from tree to tree
as if they were having a race.

I heard the sweet laughter of children
and watched while they romped and played,
they pumped for their swings to go higher
unaware of the sky turning gray.

The clouds had covered the sunshine
but the children didn't seem to care,
they continued to slide and run and jump
with the wind blowing through their hair.

A ray of sunshine broke through the clouds
and brought about some childhood reflections,
the fluffy pillows floating through the sky
had become cotton candy confections.

I remembered as a child that I watched the sky
and had wished that I had some wings,
because then I could fly up into the clouds
and share the thrones of queens and kings.

Then one of the children began to beckon
for the others to look up to the sky,
he shouted, "hey look, I can see a dog"
another said, "cool, we can play, I spy."

I felt their excitement as they played their game
and I just had to take one more look,
I spied a coach being pulled by horses
like characters spilling forth from a book.

It was getting late and it was time to leave
the children waved to each other, good bye,
I heard one say she'd be back tomorrow
to play more of, I spy in the sky.

The desire to be alone had long since faded
all the way home I know that I smiled
for there's no better place to spend some time
than in the heart and the eyes of a child.



Each day before she went to school
Teddy was placed in his box
to keep him from being stepped on
or being a target for her brother's rocks.

She wanted to keep him clean and fresh
so his fur would look brand new
after school she'd rush to hug him
then she'd sing him a song or two.

Sally and Sue would greet him
at the table she poured their tea
Teddy sat there smiling
when she'd recite her a-b-c's.

She told them stories of recess
imagined them giggling with glee
then she frowned for just a moment
and said, "I wish you could go with me."

Soon it would be time for dinner
her toys had to be put away
she placed her dolls back on the shelf
until tomorrow that's where they'd stay.

Teddy was very special
and she knew to take extra care
if she didn't watch her brother
he'd put stuff in Teddy's hair.

At night she shared her pillow
and hugged him very tight
she whispered, "I love you,Teddy"
as her mom turned out the light.

Restful sleep then up for school
she put Teddy back in his box
smiling she said, "see you later,
just watch out for flying rocks."


This Wish, I Wish for ...

All day
she has waited
for the sun to go down
for darkness to engulf the sky
night falls...

to see the first
star that twinkles up high
where her dreams and magic wishes
come true...

Star light
in dark of night
shining through my window
bright, I wish I may, if you please
grant me...

This wish
I wish tonight
since my brother has to
stay, I wish he had funny ears
oh and...

big feet
and maybe some
freckles, too, with red hair
these wishes I wish to come true
thank you...

that'll teach him
not to mess with my dolls
a big surprise tomorrow brings
sweet dreams.


Tooth Fairy Magic

Remembering what his mom had said
a shiny white tooth tucked beneath his head,
dreams of baseball would have to keep
anxiously waiting, he couldn't sleep.

He wondered how she would get inside
and find the right spot he used to hide.
One last time before turning out the light,
making sure it was still there shiny and bright.

"I'll just stay awake and show her where
so she won't have to hunt flying here and there."
He waited and waited with eyes wide open
for the tooth fairy to come and leave him a token.

Would she be tiny with golden hair
a white flowing gown and skin so fair,
like a fairy princess with little wings
or more like his mom who smiles and sings?

He tried and tried with all his might
eyelids growing heavy in the dark of night,
little did he know she had it planned
sprinkles of sleep in grains of sand.

Soft fluttering wings and a loving smile
she knew he would rest for quite a while.
In the morning he'd awaken anxious to see
and holler, "She came, look what she left me!"

"She found it, Mom, just like you said,
it was under my pillow beneath my head!"
Her hand in a pocket cupping his tooth
she dreaded the day he'd discover the truth.

The magic of childhood fantasy lives on
patiently waiting her night had been long
wondering if he dreamed of baseball and fun
the tooth fairy smiled at her loving son.


~ Marsha ~

"Abilities wither under faultfinding, blossom with encouragement." -- Donald A. Laird

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Re: For the Young at Heart
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2008, 06:56 PM »
I liked the poem "Hope It Doesn't Rain", or at least the idea behind it, I took the liberty of playing with your words.
(If you hate it thats ok)

Cotten Candy

The circus travels through town
several times a week
Dragons chase each other's tails
while playing hide and seek

Tiny horses that love to prance
in perfect rows of two
Elephants that firmly stand
on mountains made from you

Acrobatics shape the air
right before your eyes
look and see
what YOU can find

dancing in the sky.

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Re: For the Young at Heart
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2008, 01:06 PM »
T7L .... I love it!

~ Marsha ~

"Abilities wither under faultfinding, blossom with encouragement." -- Donald A. Laird