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For My Loved Ones ....
« on: February 06, 2008, 07:25 PM »
To span the generations ... for my Mother and my Daughter ...

Butterflies and Daisies

A patch in the field chock-full of daisies
this place, a favorite, where I slipped off to dream
twirling and giggling all alone I would dance
pretending that I was as free as a butterfly
silently flitting from here to there, admiring the flowers
and I would spin until the ground spun out of control.

Stumbling until my legs I could no longer control
sprawled on my back surrounded by daisies
thinking they were the prettiest of all the flowers
in my dizziness I slipped into a wondrous dream
wings and antenna were part of me; I was a butterfly
swirling and twirling I would fly around and dance.

There are those who insist that butterflies don't dance
and will suggest that my imagination is out of control
but my mind still drifts back when I see a butterfly
to my childhood days and that field chock-full of daisies
reminiscing of the times when I went there to dream
and carried home to Mother, a bouquet of flowers.

The air was filled with the sweet aroma of flowers
wind, warm and soft, made them sway and dance
once again falling into the trance of my dream
leaving adulthood behind, relinquishing control
from flower to flower in my field of daisies
I spread my arms, twirling, flying like a butterfly.

I told my Mother all about the butterfly
while she searched for a vase for her flowers
then she'd arrange my bouquet of daisies
and smile and laugh when I showed her the dance
even though I knew she would maintain control
her eyes said, "Let me loose, once again to dream."

One day she told me of her childhood dream
to my surprise she too, held in awe the butterfly
this time relinquishing all her control
stories spilled out about her fields of flowers
and how she had spent hours perfecting the dance
for that moment we were surrounded by daisies.

A child's gift of daisies are a dream to cherish
twirling together you dance as the butterfly flies
with just a handful of flowers, release your control.


For my daughter, Stephanie ...

The Best is Yet to Come

For such a long time I'd waited
and the day was finally here,
I was officially a big kid
and of school I had no fear.

But the best is yet to come
my mother would always say,
it will be here before you know it
now run along and play.

Of course I didn't believe her
nothing could ever compare,
until I felt the butterflies
aroused by a boy's blushing stare.

But the best is yet to come
my mother continued to say,
it will be here before you know it
the days are drifting away.
Then suddenly I had reached
the best day of my life,
for the man that I loved so dearly
had asked me to be his wife.

But the best is yet to come
my mother proceeded to say,
it will be here before you know it
your love will show you the way.

And then one day it happened
my life was so complete,
our baby was totally wonderful
from her head right down to her feet.
But the best is yet to come
I expected my mother to say,
instead she hummed a sweet lullaby
as she wiped her own tears away.

The little girl that I held in my arms
will grow up way too soon,
I hope I can give her everything
including the stars and the moon.

But the best is yet to come
I will assure her every day,
it will be here before you know it
my love will show her the way.


For anyone who has rocked a child ....

....... If this Chair Could Speak .......

I've held a child and rocked him to sleep
listened to prayers, his soul to keep,
became his horse in the noon day sun
pretending he was a cowboy just for fun,

Rocked his mother in rhythm as she cried
soaked up her tears and held them with pride
weathering the wood that makes me whole
absorbing the spirit of her loving soul.

Adjusting to age and mood as you grow
content to listen while you rock to and fro
heartache and laughter, tell me your story
relax and get cozy, let me free your worry.

I've rocked in the twilight after a long hard day
relieved the tension, felt it melting away
awakened with the sun and morning dew
slowly sipping coffee freshly brewed.

As long as I'm able for you I'll be strong
faithful and loving to whom I belong
rock your baby, rock with delight
in unison we'll move both day and night.

Share your troubles, in sunshine or rain
we'll rock together to ease your pain
an inanimate object perhaps that's true
but in the end, I'm always there for you.


For anyone who has childhood dreams ....

Childhood Dreams

A fairy princess in castle stone
dreams of a knight to call her own
on a mission to rescue
this maiden in distress
his journey will end
with happiness
after all
it is
to be
a princess
swept off her feet
on a big white steed
and well, you know the rest
knight passes the dragons lair
his journey long, put to the test
slays the evil their kingdom will reign
all because she waves her magic wand
the princess thinks she is alone
but, a fairy hides away
behind a column of stone
and grants to the princess
her wishes and dreams
for happiness
the child
each day
the story
never changes
her castle appears
a knight slays the dragon
the fairy watches and waits
from behind the shadows of stone
for the princess soon will spread her wings

and fly away
... from childhood dreams ...


For my Son, Kyle ...

The Sandman Song

Cradling him gently in my arms
singing a lullaby to calm his fears
words bringing forth a message
that would follow him throughout the years.

...The sandman is coming my baby
...close your eyes and rest for the night
...he'll sprinkle about his magic sand
...and bring you dreams of heavenly delight.

Before I knew it he was too big to cradle
we still rocked while he sat on my lap
I continued to sing his lullaby
calming him before his nap.

...The sandman is coming my little one much energy for one small boy
...he'll sprinkle about his magic sand
...and bring you dreams of your favorite toy.

Though he still looked to his mother for comfort
soon I knew that my son would be grown
too busy to hear me singing
while trying to make a life of his own.

...The sandman is coming to visit you
...welcome him, son, if you will
...he'll sprinkle about his magic sand
...and bring you dreams if you'll let him still.

My son now a man, looked troubled
it showed when he walked through the door
seems the woman that he loves had hurt him
and I held him in my arms once more.

...The sandman comes to one and all
...regardless of the age we are
...he'll sprinkle about his magic sand
...and bring you dreams from the farthest star.

I wanted to sing him the sandman song
and take away all his problems and pain
but moms know that silence is sometimes best
within my memories his song will remain.


For every young girl who tries to be the young woman her parents thinks she should be, but she just isn't ready yet ....

This is the Me ...

My dresser's not cluttered, it's not a mess
but Mom always tells me, "Clean it, today!"
Now if I did that, and if I left it that way,
there'd be nothing to do, nothing to play.
I might as well sit on my bed in a dress.

I could spray my hair with that gooey stuff
or escape to my tree house, and mold some clay,
It's time for her to grow up, I often hear them say -
more lipstick and jewelry soon coming my way.
Sometimes I just want to scream, "Enough!"

My sister thinks that I'm halfway there,
and maybe it's time that I try it "their" way,
but if I did that, I'd feel like a glob of clay
molded into someone, I'd rather not say,
but, she's always telling me to brush my hair.

Mom walks in the room, and glares at me -
after saying that I should run along and play.
Tell me which daughter I should be today,
a little more grown up, or a kid, either way -
this is the me, I wish she could see.


For my son, Eric ...

...This Many...

Look at him standing there
his world filled with joy
all he needs to worry about
is where to find his favorite toy. Mommy puts the toothpaste on...
...she says that I'm too little...
...but I can climb up here all by myself...
...'cause I'm almost.....this many...

I wish the world was in better shape
and a better place in which to live
by the time his children have children
there will be nothing left to give.

...Pretty soon I'll be as big as Daddy...
...then nobody will have to help me...
... gett'n bigger and stronger...
...'cause I'm almost.....this many...

Adorable as he brushes his teeth
he's getting quite big already
won't be long before he's all grown up
preparing to meet his steady.

...why does Mommy keep look'n at me?...
...I'm big enough not to fall...
...not making a mess either...
... 'cause I'm almost.....this many...

Watching his independence grow
continuing each day to amaze me
I know he can do it all by himself
after all, he's almost...this many.


For all the young boys who just want to spend their days fishing ...

No Rules

No parents yelling, "Clean your room!"
No bratty sister to follow me around,
just branches creaking with the wind
and fish jumping - plop, plop, plop,
bobbers bobbing up and down
while diamonds sparkle on the water.

No reading, writing or arithmetic
No being told to sit up straight,
just crickets chirping beneath the rocks
and mud squishing between my toes,
bologna and cheese, and potato chips,
with a purple kool-aid mustache.

No errands to run for Mom all day
No grass to cut 'til tomorrow,
just birds chirping in their nests
and squirrels that leap tree to tree -
Bees are buzzing - buzz buzz buzz
and butterflies flutter flower to flower.

No silly girls to make me blush
No rules to follow except my own,
just me and my cat, and my cane pole
and a box of worms to use for bait
clouds drift by, but sitting oh-so-still,
waiting for the fish to bite.

No video games, they're not for me
No regrets, carefree, no worries
Just doing what I love doing the most
and day dreamin' about today's big catch
hurrying along the lane to home
with dinner on my stringer.

~ Marsha ~

"Abilities wither under faultfinding, blossom with encouragement." -- Donald A. Laird