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Romantic ... a bit Steamy at times
« on: February 07, 2008, 12:06 AM »

Anything can be ......

Desire penetrates the hardened shell
of the shield protecting her heart
pondering her feelings,
wanting to let go
of the past that haunts
of the scars left behind
of love gone wrong,
and his voice whispers ...

Open your heart,
let me see your soul
let me take you
where you've never been.
Reach out your hand,
believe in me
let yourself feel,
anything can be.

Passion penetrates her unshielded heart
letting him sink to the depth of her soul
trusting once more
as she let him in,
beyond the shield
beyond the heart
beyond the past,
and his voice whispers ...

Let loose of your fears
revive your dreams,
let me feel the passion
that I see in your eyes.
Reach out your hand,
believe in me
let yourself feel
anything can be.

Fire penetrates her heart and soul
as he takes her where she's never been
pleasuring her lover,
releasing the fears
releasing the passion
releasing the flood
and her voice whispers ...

Your mind and heart
the depth of your soul
my gift of love
freely given in return.
I offered my hand
when you believed in me
now together we know
anything can be.


As I Dream

He comes to me each night
with tender touches, bedroom eyes
forces beyond our mortal state
transcending, mesmerizing
loving expressions.

Flesh upon flesh, caressing
our feverish urges approaching
bodies rocking, united
heartbeats racing
in rhythm.

Passions embrace, kissing
I love you's softly spoken
contented moans escaping
clouds of emotion lifting
as morning's light awakens.

Reaching out to touch him
grasping my extra pillow
the cold, unwrinkled sheets
leave me searching for a love
felt only, as I dream.


Forever Bonded ....

Forces of nature
reasons unknown
our attraction ignited
sensual tones.

Energy transformed
into tides of emotion
pulses electrified
strength and devotion.

Hearts united
fulfilling our dreams
bodies entwined
passionate screams.

Embraced for eternity
together we're whole
forever bonded
mind, body and soul.


Bound by Your Love

In your absence
I dream of drowning
in a pool of darkness,
drifting, suspended in time.

Content with your promise
of happily ever-after
'till death do us part.
I am forever yours.

Faithful to the end
I'll await your return,
in this dream-like trance,
bound by your love.


Love's Nightmare, Never Ending

When will it fade into the shadows of night,
this nightmare neverending?
Left-over feelings that haunt as I walk
through the ticking hours of daylight
waiting for the release of my soul,
searching for answers to questions
raised from feelings I don't understand -
feelings that pull me deeper into your world
and continually haunt my dreams.

Is this our destiny, to be haunted by love
from the dark of night through the light of day,
within every waking moment
and every moment of slumber?
If it truly is love shouldn't I be left
with feelings of happiness
and be dancing in elation
instead of trying to escape
thoughts of you?

By sunlight I laugh and smile
shielding the thoughts carried in my mind,
this dream that returns and is replayed
over and over throughout my day.
Feelings of warmth leaving me weak
wanting to give in to the calls from within.
Will it ever end or am I destined
to feel you with me even when I wish
that my mind belonged only to me?

Will it ever go away, love's nightmare
never ending?


Morning's Light

Orange blossom scent
drifting in the breeze
stars faded by morning sun
birds sing praise
to the awakening day
and I breathe it in
from my window view
wishing you were here.

Here to hold me as you did last night
Here to send chills up and down my spine
Here to whisper how much you care
Here to watch darkness turn to light.

Moonbeams filtered
through window panes
crickets serenaded our love
whispers of the wind
danced through trees
and dew drops glistened
as our bodies embraced
satiating the fire within.

Within darkness you held me tight
Within your arms I fell fast asleep
Within the depth of your loving heart
Within our dreams a future bright.

Subtle hints left behind
wrinkled sheets, pillows tossed
musky scent of your cologne
lingers and mixes
with orange blossoms
and I breathe it in
from my window view
wishing you were here.

Here to smile with delight
Here to welcome a brand new day
Here to love from dawn 'till dusk
Here to make everything seem so right.

Sitting alone, wishing you were here
to welcome birds singing praise
as stars fade in morning light
the aroma of orange blossoms
drifts through our window
while awakening together, desiring
needing to satiate the fire within.

Within your arms you'll hold me tight
Within your smiles and loving touch
Within our love together as one
Within morning's subtle light.


Pool of Blue

My body is the cloud
stretched out
in a pool of blue sky
your fingertips
are the rays of the sun
reaching out
stretching to caress
every inch of my body
with your heat
your longing, desire
caress my skin and mold me
invite the breeze to cool
so that I may continue
to be reheated
by your fingertips
while I swim
in the pool of blue
and become lost
in the rays of the sun


Puppet Master

I am your puppet, yours to control
you own the strings connected to my soul
you have but to wish and I will obey
I am your puppet, I will never stray.

Bound to you by more than mere strings
your hands as graceful as an angel's wings
entranced by your gentle loving ways
dancing for you, your eyes in a haze.

Mesmerized by movements brought on by desire
all strings melt away as you set me on fire
with sultry maneuvers, you're in my control
you are my puppet, connected to my soul.

Together we'll dance way into the night
no strings to entangle until dawning light
flesh to flesh enveloped in your arms
losing myself in your loving charms.

Tomorrow the strings once again in place
and I'll dance for you as I watch your face
your expert hands will move faster and faster
again we'll see who is the real puppet master.


Seduction's Fire

Molded together in passionate embrace,
entranced by the music, entranced by his face,
he whispered in her ear words to ignite,
words that excite as they danced through the night.

His heart beat faster and the heat from his skin
the heat that rose quickly from deep within,
he burned with need and she burned with desire
tonight they would quench seduction's fire.

His lips pressed against her, pulling her tight
she felt the hunger that was hidden from sight
closing her eyes, closing out the crowd
she let herself go, she danced on his cloud.

The room disappeared, she was in a trance
falling into the mood, this mood of romance
she whispered in his ear words that would tease
words that would leave him weak in the knees.

The music had stopped, they swayed to and fro
swaying to the music they felt in their soul
entranced in each other, entranced in desire
tonight there's not stopping seduction's fire.


With You...

If I stumble and fall as we're playing
laugh with me but still rush
to scoop me into your strong arms.
Gaze at me and let me see
the glint that keeps me looking
deeper until I am mesmerized
by the love, by your desire
that makes me reach
to slide my fingers
through your hair
as our eyes become steadfast
and see no other.

Our smiles become expressionless
throats become dry
and I'll moisten my lips
as they move closer to yours.
We are drawn to each other
as strong as the moon
summons the tide
and electricity plays tag
through my body as our lips unite.

Passionately our bodies entwine
the same as they have
instinctively before
yet the feelings are magnified
as though this was the very first
passionate embrace
and the first time our lips
have touched and melted together.

When my eyes open
I want to feel the same
as the first time that I glanced
and became mesmerized
within the depth of your soul.
Each time we share a kiss
I want to fall in love
all over again
with you.


Where the Breeze Stands Still

By the water's edge she sat watching the waves
anxious for them to glide upon her, to shift the sand
staring for a moment mesmerized by the horizon
while her hair tossed across her face from the breeze
and the sky was darkening from the setting sun
then she laid back to enjoy the cool sensation.

Allowing her thoughts to enhance the sensation
upon her body she felt more than the waves
the sky changed colors from the setting sun
an indention from her body formed in the sand
and she tasted salt on her lips from the misty breeze
while a line of darkness began to engulf the horizon.

She spent every evening staring into the horizon
letting her thoughts be consumed with the sensation
losing herself in fantasy, no longer feeling the breeze
it was as if time stood still except for the waves
and the shifting beneath her of tiny shells and sand
while day turns to night with the disappearing sun.

Eyes closed, her lover now emerges from the sun
night after night he appears from out of the horizon
and his body lays on top of her in the sand
his touch brings to life her desire for the sensation
of each thrust of pleasure flooding over her in waves
and she tunes out life around her, even the breeze.

The roar from the surf now as quiet as the breeze
and the sky was turning dark with the setting of the sun
water slid upon her pushing higher, foamy from the waves
she sat up and stared, once again lost in the horizon
her body still tingling from her lover's sensation
not caring that her back was covered in shells and sand.

Water filled the indention where she had laid in the sand
life began to move, on her face she felt the breeze
content in her feelings she relives the sensation
of making love together each night in the setting sun
with her fantasy lover who comes from the horizon
and brings her pleasure from the wetness of the waves.

Desire to feel the blissful waves and sand shifting beneath her
brings her back to the horizon where the breeze stands still
and she is mesmerized by sunsets and sensation of fantasy.

~ Marsha ~

"Abilities wither under faultfinding, blossom with encouragement." -- Donald A. Laird