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If Moses was willing and people were interested, we could do an Ecphrasis section here. Moses could post one of the really odd pictures that he finds and folks could write a poem that would enhance the art with a description of its essence. Bill finds the most intriguing artwork that I've ever seen, so if that sounds like something you would like to do, here's a good place for it. I was thinking maybe a new piece of art perhaps every week.

I didn't hear anything from anyone, so I thought that I'd try to post a picture. This piece was untitled. It appeared to have a lot going for it from which to create a poem.

Butterscotch Clouds

Grandma's kitchen
was full of
butterscotch clouds
and apricot dreams

Lucky me who got to
sop out the bowl-
finger painting fantasies
in the pudding

Oh, this was wonderful, elise. I should have known that you'd come up with something fantastic. I was stumped.

Soft Words:

Caramel froth merrily swirls
'neath the wisps of steam
kissing my eyelids open.
Nothing rivals the high,
except perhaps a morning walk
with the squirrels.
Would that make coffee count
as vitamin C2?


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